What is your mission?  Who are you?  What is your task?

I see you and I read your personal healing story out of the Earth.

Out of the Akasha Chronics of the Earth – the knowledge storage of the Earth.

Your reading can support you to be able to accept and recognise yourself
in your wholeness, with all what you are. Mother Earth enables me to see you
and through the reading you will get in touch with your treasures you bring to earth! 


How the Reading works.
You experience yourself in the essence of your being and your qualities. You are complete and you trust yourself, your strength and your potential. Your personal reading from the Earth enables you to fulfill and live your being and your
destiny in the here and now on Earth. 

 Heaviness, pain or hurts you may feel in connection with your being here on Earth and the lack of feeling properly grounded, may experience redemption and healing.


 How will your reading be read
The reading will always retrieved outdoors under the open sky in nature in contact with the Earth and through a ritual.
You will receive your reading as audio and in writing. After you have received your reading an email support regarding possible questions is available and also a 20 min. free zoom meeting/conversation.
This paket of Your Reading out of the Earth you can book for 650 € / $ .   
You can also book Your Reading out of the Earth with email support and a personal coaching of 1 hour via Zoom for 799 € / $ .
Here you have the possibility to clear up with me all your questions  around the reading. Especially you will get an insight what is now important for you and we are figuring out how to realize your next steps.

The Reading out of the Earth gave me a deep insight of myself, my being, my soul. I was so touched by listening to your voice that I cried and I knew in this moment that my joy was coming back. My joy for life an my power to live my life by being myself undisturbed what people would say about me. It was like I returned back to myself with a strong feeling that all is in me and that all what I experienced must be like this. I recieved a new understanding of my path and with this new feeling I am now alife and happy!

The Reading was for me something what I was waiting for long time! It was again the encounter with myself.
Such a warm deep feeling and seeing of my soul! Thank you!