12 Aura Sprays – powerful companions – Medicines of the Earth

For your grounding, ease and joy, harmony and stability!

For you, at home and for your working place!

The Medicines of the Earth are powerful companions in your daily life!

Everybody, adults and children can easily use these essences as aura sprays. For application of the essences you spray a few puffs in the aura, or on different parts of the body and preferably on the chakras. As a room spray the essences have a cleansing and refreshing effect in your home and work place. They clear the atmosphere and welcome well-being.

The use of the Medicines of the Earth support you with personal issues and give you more strength and depth as well as ease e.g. to deal with the challenges of daily life.

You receive more trust in yourself and a new alignment for your next steps.

That’s how you choose your appropriate aura spray – Medicine of the Earth for yourself!

Look at all 12 aura sprays. Then take a few moments, maybe close your eyes and connect to a topic you are dealing with right now or be guided by your intuition.

Now follow your first impulse to see which of the medicines stands out for you.

Trust the response you’re receiving, it will be appropriate!

Now you can read the corresponding text and let it linger for a bit.

In case you’re feeling unsure you’re welcome to seek advice.

A short consultation to find your Medicine of the Earth is free of charge.

You’re welcome to get in touch!



The Heart of the Earth

This medicine carries the “Heart of the Earth”.
The connection to the Earth is sanctified through this medicine’s red light, which also helps to take root in the earth.
The root chakra becomes clear and sacral chakra and root chakra get balanced with each other. The body level receives support to be able to accept brighter and more crystalline structures. This is the gift of the Aborigines from Australia.

Starlight I

This medicine is bundled starlight.
It establishes the connection to the stars and the worlds of the stars, so that we can come in contact again with our own star tracks. The star light makes light and accelerates, so that the own vibration can increase on all levels. Especially the body receives support to be able to adjust to the vibrations of the new age. Applied on the sacral chakra it opens the   and the memory of the starlight of the Pleiades. This medicine comes from the knowledge of the holy tribe from East Africa.

Peace of Mind

This medicine is the potion of the Gods for the soul. The soul will once again be integrated in connection with the divine. As a green light this medicine serves the healing of the heart chakra on the emotional level. It releases blockages in the spinal column, it clears the energy flow and supports the chakra energy flow from bottom to top. It opens the heart and brings peace. This medicine carries the light and the sun of the Andes. The sun energy can expand into the whole body and the solar plexus gets stimulated. Therefore a new expansion occurs, which facilitates as well the acceptance of one’s own knowledge as taking one’s own place. This is the medicine of the holy tribe from the Andes.

The inner Warrior

The medicine connects to the cycles of incarnations, gathers them and provides alignment for the now. It opens the perception and the acceptance of the different phases of life as a natural wheel of time and cycles. The strength of the earth flows into the root chakra. This creates a warrior spirit and a resistant body. The perception is clear and pure which creates courage and inner balance. The medicine of the Vasen tribe from Croatia burns and is hot. It liberates the inner warrior. The Vasen were time traveller between Heaven and Earth.

The Blue Light

The powerful blue star light of the Inuit tribe heals the „broken“ heart and assembles it again. It acts as a revival, liberating a new liveliness. It clears unbalanced emotions and body, mind and soul come into harmony again. The blue light is also connected to the cycle of the Moon, which reigns the levels of feelings. Here it re-establishes a natural flow of immersion and stepping outwards. The medicine of the Inuit.

Peace & Unity

This medicine carries the connection between the star worlds and the earth and brings peace and unity. It helps to make clear decisions for the next steps on your path and provides protection. It is the medicine of the sacred tribe from the high mountains of the Andes in Chile. This medicine brings the childlike joy of life, lightness and liveliness of this tribe to the people.


The medicine of the Druids serves the harmonisation of the chakra flow, cleanses the blood circulation and releases blockages in the meridian system. Specifically blocked energies in the joints can be released. “ The wisdom of the Druids“ gives a clear view, enables to look behind things, to look through them and to improve the level of perception. The Druid, who handed over this medicine as part of their all embracing knowledge, said: „All is medicine. We shall be able to reveal our complete wisdom as soon as humans do understand this again.“

The Blue Gold

This medicine is the pure light of the Earth. The sacred tribe of the Amazonas called it the blood of the Earth. This medicine unites two levels of  healing.
First: I can
be used to cleanse and debug power places from negative energies to achieve new clarity. If applied on the chakras it accomplishes a deep cleansing. It particularly liberates the chakras from old possessions and vows. Thus the contact to oneself, grounding and unity can be re-established.
Second: This
is the medicine of women and the female cycles. It acts as a light cloak. This essence draws the purifying light of the earth into the body, when taken internally. It supports:
Cleansing and release during the monthly cycle.
t the beginning and during the menopause to bring relief for the hormonal and mental transformation.
nvolution of the uterus and renewal after giving birth.
This medicine should only be applied in connection with a consultation.

Starlight II

This medicine is the starlight of the Tundra. The ancestors of the sacred tribe of Mongolia describe it as their biggest treasure. The starlight gives protection and leads the way. It provides trust in ones own path and in ones own guidance. It brings wisdom and connects with the breath of the sacred ancestors. The starlight carries a special protection for newborn babies. They and the medicine will be applied indifferent chakras. It can be applied from birth till the child starts speaking. This application will be done by one of the Earth-Shamans in the form if a ritual.

Warrior of the Heart

The healing essence of the Iroquois opens the source of understanding. It creates the connection to the Earth and because of that it deepens the connection to ones own being. It creates a special clarity to make out inner wounds and shadows. It gives the courage to heal and transform those wounds and shadows. This causes a neutral state where new information can come in. Old injuries and doubt can dissolve when first applied on the root chakra and then on the third eye chakra. That paves the way to dive into ones own love. The warrior of the heart is free and knows what to do. This is the medicine of the Irokese / North- and Middle America.

Creation Power

This healing essence is pure creation power. Shiva and Shakti vibrate in harmony with each other. The Shakti power supports the recognition of one’s own qualities and capabilities on all levels. The Shiva fire of creation power  helps to overcome the fear of accepting ones own creative powers and expressing them in the outside world. This essence is enriched with the qualities of the buffalo. These give strength and courage to live one’s own creation power. It stimulates the creative powers and supports the flow into all areas of one’s life, when applied onto the sacral chakra. It is the medicine of the Navajos from New Mexico.


Freedom is the base for unity.
ith this message the holy tribes of the Earth give their collected healing energy to men. That is what is special about this Medicine. Salvation and liberation of all old structures is the step into the New Age. Everything what’s in the way of ones own well-being and unity get touched and prepared for receiving the Christ-light. This is the medicine of the 12 holy tribes of the Earth.